Electrician Seminars conducted around the island

We use our expertise, technology, and resources to make a positive contribution to society and get them connected with us for a long standing relationship. We work with others to build thriving communities, improve people’s lives, and support the long-term success of our business.

We encourage our employees to share their expertise and support our partnered communities through volunteering and knowledge sharing sessions. In a financial year, ACL Cables employees volunteer over 150 hours with their intellectual know-how and information sharing amongst electricians and students registered with vocational training authority (VTA). These are hours of personal visits to locations around the island. Electrician seminars are pre planned and organized as a continuous activity in the annual agenda of ACL electrician club. Total of 12 seminars (one per month) are conducted as per above schedule.

All such sessions are conducted through the initiative of ACL Electricians Club and in collaboration with respective sales force of ACL Cables.