ACL VS- series Sockets are available in 5A, 13A and 15A versions with neon as an option. ACL introduce curvy, sleek modern surface profile for plate fascia giving the customer stylish overall look that match with modern architectural appearance. High quality polished surfaced Brass components /terminals is a sign of superior quality components used by ACL with guaranteed performance backed by Sri Lanka Standards Institution certifications. 5A and 15A socket series covers under SLS 948 certification whilst 13A sockets are certified under SLS 734 standard certification.


13A Switched Socket Outlet

13A Switched Socket Outlet With Neon

Tv Socket Outlet

Telephone Socket Outlet 4wire

Data Socket Outlet

13A Twin Socket

USB Charger 5V / 2.5A

Universal Socket

Lamp Holder

Ceiling Rose

5A Plug Top

13A Plug Top

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