New look for ACL Cables

Logo applauded for being dynamic, vibrant, modern and bold

ACL Cables, the number one cable manufacturer in Sri Lanka with over 70% market share and Rs. 14.5 billion turnover, as a group, and the pioneer in Sri Lanka’s cable industry since 1962, is continuing its important work of gearing up for a long and productive future, with the recent unveiling of its all-new corporate logo. It is also envisioned that this new ACL Cables logo will lead the way for the next 50 years of growth from Sri Lanka's pioneering cable manufacturer, which has already distinguished itself as an unrivalled performer over its first 50 plus years operating locally and globally.

Remarkable for featuring a dynamic and vibrant look and feel, the newly revealed ACL Cables logo now also stands out from others in the cables industry, a result of its unparalleled boldness and modernity. Also, importantly, the mnemonic embodied within the logo signifies the company's three core values; upholding a culture of ethics, a focus on integrity, and the apolitical ability to work with all public and private stakeholders, toward a common goal.

Additionally, the simplicity of the new ACL Cables logo can also be seen to align with the single-minded business model of ACL Cables, which is known to focus only on sectors that are the right fit for growth. This is also the culmination of a winning strategy, fine-tuned over its 50 years of pioneering and innovative efforts, which has helped the group secure 70% market share overall, maintaining its coveted position as the number one cable manufacturer in Sri Lanka.    

Commenting, ACL Cables Managing Director Suren Madanayake said, "Not only is our new logo dynamic and vibrant, and bold and modern; it also immediately brings to mind the fact that we, through our various products, continuously support the power output needed to light up the entire country, no small feat in this modern day and age. And, maybe most important of all, we have continued to help maintain this essential power supply, this lifeline, uninterrupted. So everyone can rest easy knowing that our high quality standards and superior materials manufacturing is sure to keep Sri Lanka's lights on in the future as well, which will also, in turn, allow ACL Cables to retain its number one, dominant position in the market."